CCU15: Code Unknown & the Career of Michael Haneke

Criterion Close-Up

Aaron, Mark and Doug McCambridge from the Good Times, Great Movies podcast discuss this early work of Michael Haneke’s recently released on The Criterion Collection. We discuss the famous tracking shot, the way he explores culture, and of course the incomparable Juliette Binoche. We also discuss Haneke’s body of work, exploring how he works as a filmmaker, what he is trying to say, and why he is so often provocative. #ParisIsAboutLife

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Show notes:


0:00 – Intro, Housekeeping
20:00 – News
38:40 – Code Unknown
1:22:50 – Michael Haneke


Doug – iTunes | Twitter

#CriterionBlogathon preview.


Ryan Gallagher’s tweet about The Manchurian Candidate

Emir Kusturica

Dont Look Back packaging from Criterion Forum

The Rainer Werner Fassbinder Collection from Arrow

Code Unknown

code unknown - subway scene 2Photo Album on Facebook.

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